Care Instructions

How to care your Leather Bracelets?
Never wash or put leather bracelets under flowing water!!!
Due to the variety of leather materials, every leather bracelet cleans a little differently. If you spill water on the leather bracelet or if they are bedraggled, they have to be cleaned immediately. You can't just leave over your leather bracelet because the leather has the tendency to soak up the liquid and you risk the irretrievable damage of your bracelet. 
The smooth leather wipes with a damp and wrung cloth and do not use any harsh chemicals or any aggressive cleaning kit. For other leathers that are not smooth, dry cleaning is recommended.
For the bright leather is most often used special cleansing gels that remove grease. 

If the leather bracelet becomes wet or damp, it has to be dry out properly. Let your bracelet air dry freely in a cool area, never put them in a dryer, on heating or in direct sunlight. The sun's rays are too aggressive and little stains may form on the leather. In addition, high temperature leads to warping and drying of the material. Leather does best in cool or room-temperature areas.

Impregnation and regular treatment

The most widespread product for the treatment of leather materials is beeswax. It makes the leather softer, moisturized, gives it shine and treats it against cracking.
It also enhances color, the product usually becomes slightly darker after application.